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TMS schedules were mailed yesterday.  
A frequent question on receipt of the schedule is, "What team am I on?"
All teams have two LA teachers, a math, science, social studies and special education teacher.  The breakdown by color is only to provide us a convenient way to designate each group of teachers or students.  This year's teams are:

 6 Blue
Mrs. Campbell
Mrs. Cassidy
Mrs. Cayward
Mrs. Krantz
Mrs. Markow
Ms. VanOstrand

 6 Gold
Mrs. Fleming
Mrs. Hart
Mrs. Leone
Ms. Moebus
Mrs. Olander
Mrs. Sleeman

 7 Blue
Mrs. Gedansky
Mrs. Hadyka
Mrs. Kraus
Mr. Mason
Mrs. Melo
Ms. Reynolds

7 Gold
Mrs. Churchill
Mrs. Connelly
Mr. Fay
Mrs. Mawaka
Ms. Volpintesta
Ms. Wilson

8 Blue
Mrs. Blore
Mrs. DeGuire
Mrs. Erikson
Mrs. Shafer
Ms. Kukucka
Mrs. Vose

8 Gold
Mrs. Bellman
Mr. Chassanoff
Mrs. Hill
Ms. Janssen
Mr. Marona
Mrs. Rioux

The following documents contain the summer reading assignments and supply lists.  

Grade 6 Summer Reading & Supply List

Grade 7 Summer Reading & Supply List

Grade 8 Summer Reading & Supply List

If your child will need transportation to or from school to an address other than the home address, the Transportation Request Form must be submitted.  There is a three (3) day waiting period before the change can be implemented.  Please send the completed form to the main office.

Transportation Request Form

  August 2016  
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About Us

Welcome to Tolland Middle School!  TMS is a comprised of approximately 600 students in grades 6th through 8th.  TMS has a teaming structure, by which each student is assigned to a grade level team.  There are two teams per grade level.  Each team has six teachers, two English Language Arts, one social studies, one math, one science, and one special education.  Because this is the bridge between elementary school and high school, it is important that we foster independence, while providing the support and scaffolding that students need for success.  In Tolland, this is the first time that students rotate classes and have more than two teacher for core subjects.

Also new to middle school students is the concept of “grades.”  At TMS we practice Mastery Based Grading.  We, and the Tolland Public Schools at large, believe that the purpose of grades are to inform students, parents, and teachers about a child’s level of performance matched against grade-level skills and standards.  Grades are data or information meant to provide specific and actionable feedback to help each individual student improve and grow as a learner.  Thus, every student at TMS can learn and achieve academic success.  For more information about our grading policy, please click on TMS Grading Policy in the Quick Links on the right of the page.