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Welcome to Tolland Middle School!  TMS is a comprised of approximately 600 students in grades 6th through 8th.  TMS has a teaming structure, by which each student is assigned to a grade level team.  There are two teams per grade level.  Each team has six teachers, two English Language Arts, one social studies, one math, one science, and one special education.  Because this is the bridge between elementary school and high school, it is important that we foster independence, while providing the support and scaffolding that students need for success.  In Tolland, this is the first time that students rotate classes and have more than two teacher for core subjects.

Also new to middle school students is the concept of “grades.”  At TMS we practice Mastery Based Grading.  We, and the Tolland Public Schools at large, believe that the purpose of grades are to inform students, parents, and teachers about a child’s level of performance matched against grade-level skills and standards.  Grades are data or information meant to provide specific and actionable feedback to help each individual student improve and grow as a learner.  Thus, every student at TMS can learn and achieve academic success.  For more information about our grading policy, please click on TMS Grading Policy in the Quick Links on the right of the page.  
Contact Information and Hours Tolland Middle School One Falcon Way Tolland, CT 06084 Phone: 860-870-6860 Fax: 860-870-5737 Principal: Mary Grande ( Assistant Principal: J Anthony Spangle ( Daily Schedule: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Early Release: 8:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

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Today's baseball and softball games have been postponed.  The new schedule is on the website under the Athletics' page.  (9:40am)


Parents and Guardians,

I hope that everyone has a wonderful April break and has the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends.  We are all certainly ready for spring and some warm weather!

Once the warm weather arrives our students will want to dress in their spring and summer attire, which is understandable so they can remain as cool as possible in our building.  This tends to be the time in which we see more students arriving to school with clothing that is not appropriate for a school setting. I am sharing with you the dress code and hope that you will take some time to review this with your child/children so he or she understands the dress code and what is appropriate to wear to school.  Please be sure to review the length of shorts, skirts, and appropriate tops that can be worn at TMS. 

Thank you in advance for supporting and helping reiterate and enforce the dress code prior to students coming to school.  I can speak on behalf of the entire staff that we appreciate your help and support with this.  Happy Spring and enjoy your April vacation!

TMS DRESS CODE (from the Student Agenda, pg. 15)


Administration reserves the right to determine what clothing or accessories may be inappropriate for school.

In order to maintain an environment conducive to the educational process, the following items are prohibited:

  • capes
  • chains
  • footwear which mars floors or is a safety hazard
  • hats
  • pajamas
  • slippers
  • sunglasses
  • attire or accessories which contain overly offensive or disruptive writing or pictures likely to unduly disrupt the educational environment or which constitute “fighting words”
  • attire or accessories which depict logo or emblems that are disruptive of the educational process, e.g., those that exhibit and/or promote profanity, sexism, racism, homophobia, drugs, alcohol, tobacco use, or items that could cause physical harm to the student, other students, or the staff
  • “Nameor other oversized metal belt buckles and all metal belts or combination of metal and leather belts
  • spiked or studded bracelets, oversized or multi-finger rings, belts, or any other article of attire with spikes or studs attached, or any other clothing item that may present a safety hazard to the student, other students, or the staff
  • see-through clothing, strapless shirts, shirts and tops which do not cover the lower half of the back or sides of the body
  • shirts and/or blouses which reveal the abdomen when arms at the side, a bare chest, cleavage, or undergarments
  • Shorts, miniskirts, or pants which reveal the upper half of the thigh or undergarments. shorts, skirts, and dresses should extend lower than student’s fist when arms are at the side
  • This also applies if the student is wearing tights, nylons, or spandex underneath.
  • Tank top straps must be at least the width of two fingers and the shirt must comply with all other rules of the dress code.
  • Backpacks are to be kept in the student’s locker during the day. The student’s last period teacher may give permission for his/her students to have a backpack during this time.
The PowerSchool Parent Portal is open so parents may check their children's grades.  If you need assistance with the portal, please contact the office.

A District Code is required when logging in to the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal from phones, iPads, Chromebooks and other devices.  The DISTRICT CODE for PowerSchool Portal is WDMT (all caps)


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