Monday, April 2 will be the first day of tryouts for baseball, softball and track.  Tryouts and practices will run from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.  Students who need the late bus should be at the auditorium end of the building by 4:10 p.m.                  

Students who are not getting a ride home must sign up for the late bus by noon.
Fall Coaches:
Girls Soccer - Mr. Don Cyr,
Boys Soccer - Mr. Dan Scheck,
Cross Country - Ms. Kate Tellers,, Mr. JD Marona,

Winter Coaches:

Boys Basketball:  Mr. JD Marona,
Girls Basketball:  Mr. Jim Grassi,
Cheerleading:  To Be Determined

Spring Coaches:
Track and Field - Mr. John D. Marona -
Softball - Mr. Jim Grassi,
Baseball - Mr. Dan Bracken,


FALL - Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country: 7/30/2018
WINTER - Basketball, Cheerleading: 11/5/2018
SPRING - Baseball, Softball, Track: 2/25/2019


Students must be in good academic standing and have received less than five (5) detentions and/or two (2) suspensions during the current quarter to participate.

Students who meet any of the following criteria will have their “good” academic status revoked:

  • Average of 69 or below in two or more subjects 
Academic standing will be re-evaluated for team members each quarter.  A student may reestablish good academic standing at mid-term.

Concussion: Signs and Symptoms

A concussion is not a structural injury and there is no protective equipment to date that will protect against a concussion.  Concussions are cerebral injuries resulting in a disruption of the nerves, cells and chemicals within the brain.  This process is called a metabolic cascade and is manifested in the development of signs and symptoms listed below.   

A concussion is caused by a blow to the head or body resulting in a manifestation of signs and symptoms including, but not limited to:
Headache                                 Confusion         Difficulty remembering or paying attention

Balance Problems                     Dizziness          Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy or groggy

Nausea                                     Vomiting           Slowed reaction time

Bothered by light or noise         Double or blurry vision 

Loss of consciousness               Feeling irritable more emotional or “down”       

If you suspect that your son/daughter has sustained a concussion, please follow up with your School Nurse or Doctor. 

Tolland Public Schools Director of Athletics: 
Todd Zenczak
(860) 870-6827