Messier, Chris

Chris Messier

 Phone: 870-6860 ext: 20209

Grade 6 Room 209 Math


Math Supplies: Pencils (lots), graphing notebook, red 1 inch (or larger) binder, 2 divider pages, calculator, book cover

Extra help is available every Wednesday and on other days
when planned in advance

Students staying for help should plan for a 3:10 parent pick up or sign up before homeroom for the late bus

 *** Please be sure to read the school dress code located on page 15 of the student agenda.
**We are collecting box tops throughout the year.  Please send in box tops with your child.  They are collected during each month and sent to the PTO at the end of the month to be counted.  All box tops collected help TMS and the HR that collects the most from each grade is awarded a prize at the end of the year. 

**If your child is planning on staying after for an athletic event they must bring in a note giving permission to stay.  Phone calls home the day of the game are not allowed.  Students may take the 4:15 late bus home( EXCEPT FOR BASKETBALL GAMES) or make arrangements to get picked up. 

 **If your child brings in a water bottle please be sure that is wrapped in something to prevent the condensation puddles on the tables.