Sleeman, Faye

                                                                      Mrs. Sleeman
                                                                 Sixth Grade Science
                                                                        Room 205
                                                                860-870-6860 ext. 20205

                                       Week of  October 22, 2018 - October 26, 2018

  Remember: Friday is a 1/2 day inservice day for teachers. 

Students all joined their online Google Classroom for science, and began the explore portion of our first bundle. 
Bundle 1 - Cells and Systems
Anchoring Phenomenon - Lyme Disease

After finishing up with their research, students will revise the timeline they created at the beginning, and share their information with their classmates. There will be a quiz on either Wednesday or Thursday, and we may have time to start our Lesson 2. 

Below is a link to our online science textbook: (Pearson Successnet link:)  This link is currently inactive, but I will let people know once we get the renewed subscription.

Use the following login and password: Please let me know if you have difficulties. 

User Name:  TMSrocks
Password:  Books2016




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