Sleeman, Faye

 Mrs. Sleeman

                                                         Sixth Grade Science
                                                                 Room 205
                                                        860-870-6860 ext. 20205
   March 2, 2020 - March 6, 2020
1/2 days on Thursday and Friday~ Parent Teacher Conferences

Ecology-Bundle 2 B  Phenomenon: Recreational area (state park/beach closing)  
Overarching Essential Question: Why is the recreational area closed?

(Lesson 7) Essential Question(s): How are humans dependent on ecosystem resources and biodiversity?
Other questions:
What are three methods of handling solid waste?
What can people do to help manage the solid waste problem?
How can hazardous wastes be safely disposed of?
Why is freshwater a limited resource?
What are the major sources of water pollution?
How can water pollution be reduced?

Students are going to start learning about the different cycles in an ecosystem- water cycle and carbon and oxygen cycle. They will also learn about waste disposal and recycling and water pollution and solutions. 






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