Krantz, Diane

Mrs. Krantz
Phone: (860) 870-6860 Ext. 20214
Grade 6
Room 214

October 15 -October 19
(Last Update 10/12/2018)

General Reminders:

  • Homerooms will be collecting Boxtops to help raise money to support the PTO. Please remember to clip them and send them to school with your child!

Social Studies: 

  • Students will continue learning about the job of social scientists and how the information that they collect helps create our understanding of the past. 
  • This week we will focus on how the discovery of "The Iceman" helps social scientists learn more about the past.
  • Students will continue learning about timelines and how historians keep track of when events occurred. Students will have a quiz on this material Friday (10/15). This quiz will require students to: read a timeline, identify the interval and time span on a timeline, arrange dates in chronological order, and recognize what "circa" means. Students will need to study and practice at home for this quiz. They have notes in their binders, and a Quizlet will be available in Google Classroom.