Sleeman, Faye

 Mrs. Sleeman

                                                         Sixth Grade Science
                                                                 Room 205
                                                        860-870-6860 ext. 20205
 September 8, 2020 - September 11, 2020

Welcome to Grade 6 Gold Team!

Remember: the first week are half days, and you come "in
person" on your assigned cohort day, and the other days are
"virtual." You must attend homeroom every morning as well. 
Looking forward to seeing you "in person" soon. 

Meteorology Bundle 4A Phenomenon: Destructive Weather  

Overarching Essential Question:  
What factors contribute to the extreme weather we experience on Earth? (human/natural) 

Essential Question(s): 
What factors interact and influence weather?

Other questions:
What skills do scientists use to help them think like a scientist? (inquiry skills)
How do scientists make measurements? (tools and SI units)
How do scientists conduct a scientific investigation? (steps of an investigation)

During the first week of school, students will spend the majority of their time with their homeroom teachers learning TMS expectations, virtual vs. remote expectations, SOAR expectations, and the general layout of the land here at Tolland Middle School. In the second week, students will be issued their science textbooks that they'll use for the year (just as a precaution...), and begin with our Skills Handbook section in one of our textbooks. After that, we'll begin with our Meteorology Bundle. 






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