Sleeman, Faye

                                                                      Mrs. Sleeman
                                                                 Sixth Grade Science
                                                                        Room 205
                                                                860-870-6860 ext. 20205

                     Reminder: Martin Luther King Jr.  Day 1/15/18- No School                       

Week of  January 15, 2018 - January 19, 2018


Students received their Ecology textbooks, and should get them covered by Friday. They began chapter 1 section 1, learning about levels of organization in an ecosystem, and biotic vs abiotic factors. There will be a quiz on Wednesday about that material. They will also learn about the types of interactions in an ecosystem, and defense strategies organisms use this week. 

Below is a link to our online science textbook: (Pearson Successnet link:)

Use the following login and password: Please let me know if you have difficulties. 

User Name:  TMSrocks
Password:  Books2016




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