Krantz, Diane

Mrs. Krantz
Phone: (860) 870-6860 Ext. 20214
Grade 6
Room 214

 February 19-February 23
(Last Update 02/16/2018)

                                    General Reminders:  

  • There is no school this Monday, February 19
  • Permission slips and payment for the Blue Team field trip to Nature's Classroom are due by February 22!

    Social Studies: 

  •  This week we will continue our study of ancient Egypt. Students will be learning about the classes that made up the society of ancient Egypt and the role that religion played in their daily lives. There will be a quiz on this information at the beginning of next week
  • There will be a mid-year benchmark on timelines and map skills on Friday
  • All students in sixth grade have been challenged to read Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief in preparation for our upcoming Greek unit. Students have until March 23 to read the novel, and to complete a short quiz on Google Classroom. Students who complete the assignment will earn points to help their Greek city-state teams achieve victory in our March/April competition. It is a terrific book, and a great way to help out their future teammates, so I am encouraging all students to participate!