Cassidy, Stephanie

                                     Weekly Science Update                                   
 June 18th - June 22nd, 2018         

   Unit: Weather
Lesson Focus in Science Class This Week
Science & Engineering Practices
       TMS Core Values incorporated into all interdisciplinary
   S afety
    O wnership
      A ctive Learning
R espect   



Academic Practice

ROPE Graduation

Predicting Weather

TMS E Showcase 2:00-3:30 p.m.


Predicting Weather


Predicting Weather

Predicting Weather

Predicting Weather
1/2 Day ~ Last Day

Have a wonderful
Summer vacation!

Click on the Grade 6 Textbooks link or Useful Links to view science online textbooks.
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***Please Note***
If you notice a BLUE grade in PowerSchool instead of a black grade you can click on the blue grade to see a comment/note from the teacher.

***Blue Team Science Supply List:
Always bring in the following supplies to science class:
     *one three-ring binder (green & 1 inch preferred)
     *one hole-punched two-pocket folder to be placed inside binder
     *three tab dividers for binder with three different section labels 
               Tab 1 label:  Notes/Quizzes
               Tab 2 label:  Labs
               Tab 3 label:  Other
     *a little loose-leaf notebook paper in back of binder
                     (approx. 10-15 pages)
     *one large stretchy book sock or paper bag to cover science book
     *TMS Agenda book (provided by TMS the first week of school)
     *one grade appropriate pleasure reading book
     *one zippered pencil pouch with the following items inside:
               *5 sharpened pencils with erasers
               *two non-erasable pens
               *one highlighter
               *coloring utensils (several colored pencils/fine markers)
               *one ultra-fine Sharpie
               *calculator with name on it
      * self-adhesive hole reinforcements to strengthen holes on papers, if desired


Contact information:
Stephanie Cassidy
Tolland Middle School
1 Falcon Way
Tolland, CT 06084
(860)870-6860 ext. 20217




Do Pre-Lab Reading
Do Pre-Lab Reading

Chapter 3 reinforcement/weather predictions
Think Like a Scientist Critical Thinking activity-
Out of this World Aliens

1. Bring in school supplies
2. Study for Lab Safety quiz that will be given on Friday