Valli, Allison

Sra. Allison Valli


Spanish  - Grades 7 & 8 and
World Language - Grade 6 (French/Spanish)
Room 203
email:  [email protected]
phone:  860-870-6860 ext. 20203

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 REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS:  flash cards are a wonderful, portable way to study!  You need to show me your "EOS" (evidence of study) before a retake:   flash cards work well for this.  Should they show up for a retake without their EOS they will be asked to make and study flash cards while in my room, but they run the risk of not being allowed to take the reassessment itself until they have studied.    They can also print out evidence from the website or show me whatever else they've devised to help them study.  The page in the book is NOT sufficient evidence as that didn't work for them the first time...  hence, the retake.    

Also:  don't forget that all books should be kept covered.  Thanks!

Here is the link to our Spanish textbook (Avancemos):

Students may also find Quizlet helpful: