Cassidy, Stephanie

Grade 6 Science

Three-Dimensional NGSS Framework
will be incorporated into all science classes

1.  Science and Engineering Practices  (asking ?'s, Developing & Using Models, Planning & Carrying Out Investigations, Analyzing & Interpreting Data, Using Mathematical and Computational Thinking, Constructing Explanations, Designing Solutions, Engaging in Arguments from Evidence, Obtaining, Evaluating & Communicating Information.
2.  Cross Cutting Concepts  (Themes)
3.  4 Disciplinary Ideas  (Content/Units)

NGSS Bundles or Units of Study 
Extreme Weather, Environmental Science and Lyme Disease

Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Invention Convention/
Virtual Field Trips

See our Science Google Classroom for all science lesson plans, assignments, activities, labs, video recordings,
teacher notes/keys
& other relevant class information

  TMS Core Values 
are incorporated into all interdisciplinary lessons

   S afety
    O wnership
      A ctive Learning
R espect   
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Do Pre-Lab Reading
Do Pre-Lab Reading

Chapter 3 reinforcement/weather predictions
Think Like a Scientist Critical Thinking activity-
Out of this World Aliens

1. Bring in school supplies
2. Study for Lab Safety quiz that will be given on Friday