Krantz, Diane

Mrs. Krantz
[email protected]
Phone: (860) 870-6860 Ext. 20214
Grade 6
Room 214

March 9-March 13
(Last Update 03/06/2020)

General Reminders:


Social Studies: 

  • Students learned about the geography of the Nile and how this unique geography helped shape Egyptian civilization. Students will have a quiz on this information on Tuesday (March 10). A Quizlet is available in Google Classroom and students have a background essay, notes, and documents in their folders. Students should be using these materials to prepare for the quiz.
  • In English, students are working on an Informational Writing piece that asks them to identify the characteristics that make a specific group (such as the Aztec or the Inca) a civilization. This essay will be graded for writing proficiency by the English teachers, and will be graded for the content in social studies. This will count as a benchmark grade for social studies. Students may sign up to work with me during X-Block or after school, if they are having difficulty with the content portion of their essays. I have provided the grading rubric in Google Classroom, and students are encouraged to refer to it frequently throughout the writing process.
  • Students will continue learning about daily life in ancient Egypt. They are reading and taking notes to help them understand the role of government, religion, and social class structures in the daily lives of the Egyptian people. We will work with this information throughout the week, and students will have a quiz on this information next Tuesday (March 17). They will be able to use their notes to study and a Quizlet will be available in Google Classroom.