Krantz, Diane

Mrs. Krantz
Phone: (860) 870-6860 Ext. 20214
Grade 6
Room 214

 April 23-April 27
(Last Update 04/13/2018)

General Reminders:

  • The Blue Team Olympics will be held this Friday, April 27. This is an important day for the teams, so students should make every effort to be in school on this day

Social Studies: 

  • Students have been assigned to their Greek teams and are  working together as part of a city-state. There are a number of activities, challenges, and competitions that make this unit a unique experience. Be sure to ask your son/daughter all about it!
  • This week students will begin to learn about the different forms of government used by the ancient Greek city-states. There will be a quiz on the types of governments next week.
  • Students will have a quiz on the Greek city-states this Thursday, April 26. The quiz will be based on the material collected in the City-State Information Hunt. There is a Quizlet available in Google Classroom to help with studying.  
  • The date for the Blue Team Olympics will be this Friday, April 27! Students have directions to make chitons and olive wreaths to be worn on that day. Any student who requires assistance should see me this week. We can make arrangements for students to stay after school or come for help during X-Block. Students must come for help before April 26!