Cassidy, Stephanie

                                     Weekly Science Update                                   
 January 16th- January 19th, 2018         

   Unit: Roots of Life/Ecology
Lesson Focus in Science Class This Week
Science & Engineering Practices
       TMS Core Values incorporated into all interdisciplinary
   S afety
    O wnership
      A ctive Learning
R espect   



Academic Practice

MLK Day NO SCHOOL                                                         

Photosynthesis Study notes
Interactions among Living Things Study notes
Interactions among Living Things
Study notes
Interactions among Living Things
Study notes

Click on the Grade 6 Textbooks link or Useful Links to view science online textbooks.
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Password: Books2016      
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Click the link below to access NBC Learn online resources.

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***Please Note***
If you notice a BLUE grade in PowerSchool instead of a black grade you can click on the blue grade to see a comment/note from the teacher.

***Blue Team Science Supply List:
Always bring in the following supplies to science class:
     *one three-ring binder (green & 1 inch preferred)
     *one hole-punched two-pocket folder to be placed inside binder
     *three tab dividers for binder with three different section labels 
               Tab 1 label:  Notes/Quizzes
               Tab 2 label:  Labs
               Tab 3 label:  Other
     *a little loose-leaf notebook paper in back of binder
                     (approx. 10-15 pages)
     *one large stretchy book sock or paper bag to cover science book
     *TMS Agenda book (provided by TMS the first week of school)
     *one grade appropriate pleasure reading book
     *one zippered pencil pouch with the following items inside:
               *5 sharpened pencils with erasers
               *two non-erasable pens
               *one highlighter
               *coloring utensils (several colored pencils/fine markers)
               *one ultra-fine Sharpie
               *calculator with name on it
      * self-adhesive hole reinforcements to strengthen holes on papers, if desired


Contact information:
Stephanie Cassidy
Tolland Middle School
1 Falcon Way
Tolland, CT 06084
(860)870-6860 ext. 20217




Do Pre-Lab Reading
Do Pre-Lab Reading

Chapter 3 reinforcement/weather predictions
Think Like a Scientist Critical Thinking activity-
Out of this World Aliens

1. Bring in school supplies
2. Study for Lab Safety quiz that will be given on Friday